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       My name is MkX.  I express myself through the art of writing and producing pop music. I juxtapose electronic, hip-hop, future bass, and trap production with a pop writing format.  My songs are very dramatic, since I am a very over the top person.  My work combines the past and the future.  I pay homage to history and eras that I admire and infuse it with my fascination for hi-tech futurism.

       There is a constant drive and passion inside me to create.  From stage designs and outfits to toplines and musical arrangements, I’m always creating.  As an artist, I like to use visual art to accompany my music.  I feel that it completes my vision, giving the audience the ultimate experience of my self expression.  Each song I create has a visual concept that goes hand in hand with the piece.  I incorporate inspiration from humans that I respect, along with concepts I pull from my journey of becoming “MkX”.  I love to integrate nostalgia of my past into my work.

       I write my songs in a very specific way.  I write them with intricate detail, but still make them somewhat vague.  I love synthesizing scenarios with song lyrics, but I make sure never to specify who I am talking about.  I never use pronouns because I want everyone to be able to relate to my lyrics.  This allows the listener to apply my music to their own situations.  Not only do I use music as a form of self expression, but also as a method of healing.  Music has helped me throughout my entire life, and I want to make the music that helps others.  One way to describe my sound is “feel-good music.”  Music that uplifts the spirit and puts a bandaid on any temporary or long-lasting pain.

       The “X” in my name represents confidence and self-expression through art.  I used to be very self-conscious of what people thought of me.  It affected how I acted, wrote music, and lived my life.  I decided to create a character that embodied everything I wanted to be as a person.  From auditory/visual art and fashion to attitude and confidence, I developed a persona that represented the best version of myself.  After a lot of work and self-discovery, I eventually became the person that I wanted to be.  I think it is possible for everyone to find their “X.”  If I could do it, you can too.  I want people to use my music to bring out their inner confidence.  I want my music to change the way people carry themselves.  I want them to feel like a bad-ass as they walk down the street with my song playing through their headphones.  I want to make people the best them they can be with my art.

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